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You don't want to mess around with these brutal bitches. At Femdom School, you'll meet some of the most intimating bitches on the internet. No naughty man's cock and balls is safe from punishment when a band of ruthless and cruel schoolgirls is going around looking for someone to be taken care of. Bullies and unfair teachers alike learn the hard way that there is no excuse for their actions. Watch as they get kicked, stepped on and twisted in their most private and sensitive areas.

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Their screams of pain mean nothing to the domineering bitches who have taken it upon themselves to see that every man in the area acts in a kind and just way. Fingernails, palms of the hand, gags and feet are the most used weapons of these girls, and they inflict severe pain on all who deserve it. Your member will melt as it watches pansy men who don't stand a single chance against strong, confidence girls dressed in uniform and prowling the area. Prepare to allow Femdom School to teach you about how hot a girl in control can be.

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